Neicy’s Bio

Welcome to My world of exclusive Music Video shoots, Feature Film and Fashion!
Exclusive Hair and Nails from Neicy Small !


Lauren London

KiKi Palmer

Melody Thortan


Diggy Simmons

Jason Derulo

Sharon Leal



Benny Boom

Chris Brown

Juwan lee

Rich Lee

Erik White

Chris Robinson

Gil Green

Nick Cannon

Marcus Raboy

Dave Meyers

Hype Williams


Bryan Barbarer


Tyler the Creator

Anthony Mandler

Bret Ratner

Fancis Lawrence

Mickey Flennigan

Matt Alonzo


Mr. Boomtown


School Gyrlz

School Gyrlz II

Swat III

Reality Series

Beauty and the Boss

My Fair Wedding



Panda Express 

PSA Informercial

27 responses to “Neicy’s Bio

  1. Let me start off by saying..great job!!! I love your work!!How did you get your start? What steps should someone take to be a stylist to the stars?

  2. hey Neicy im following you on twitter and i wanted to know how much do you charge for hair and nail love your work doll and thank you god bless

  3. Hi neicy!, .. first off i would have to say i follow you on twitter and i love your work!!!!!!! do you live or vist the nj or nyc area because i would love for you to hook a me up??!!.. 🙂 🙂

  4. Hey, i wanted to get in touch my business is parnters with miss American pageant since we sponsor them and market their makeup line artistry if you looking to make a side income please feel free and email me.

  5. Hey Neicy! i love your work and i wanted to know how much it would be for you to do my hair and nails?…For the hair I don’t want weave and i don’t know what i want Lol. Can you just imply your magic?

  6. Hey there Neicy! I love what u do! I was just wondering how much would it cost to get colored tips on your hair? Thanks 🙂

  7. Hi neicy, my friend and I are trying to get our hair done from you. We seen ur work n love it. Please let me know how to get a hold if you. Thanks cayla

  8. Hey Neicy,

    It’s Danielle. I helped you and Becca out on the Ayy Ladies video. Just wanted to say what’s up. Hope your good. Keep in touch, of love to help u with more stuff.

  9. Well i just want to say you have a gift 🙂 and i love your work ❤ im a jasmine v fan and GREAT JOB, haha have you ever thought of working with the public? I know MANY who will pay big bucks for your expertice. 🙂 so would u ever? ❤ love
    #1neicy fan mariah

  10. Mi Amor! I’m so proud of you! I still look at our pictures from the good ole days! So Talented and Beautiful! My Lil Sister For Life!
    My Instagram is: PrettyChoc302

    Love you Babe!

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