Creative Neicy Hair & Nails

I used China Glaze Hot pink and peices of Gold aluminum!

I used Gold Glitter by China Glaze and Black Nail art to make the tiger stripes!

I used Pure white by China Glaze and   Neon Hightlighter by China Glaze , then i made the dots with a dot tool!

Hair and Nails By Neicy Small! School Gyrls

Click Link to see!


Benjamin EyeWear

Mens Hair: Neicy Small

Nail Manicurest: Neicy Small

Ladies Hair: Cystal Oliver

PHOTOGRAPHER: Tyler William Parker


Android Homme

an·droid     (ān’droid’)  
adj.   Possessing human features.
n.   An automaton that is created from biological materials and resembles a human.  Also called humanoid.
The interstellar collision of street and lux design have birthed Android Homme. 
Welcome to the Now.


Director : Hype Williams

This Video was One of the best ! The hair was very Victoria Secrets! Love working with Hype Willams!


D.J Smash

Here is a Link for a video i did with D.J Smash


Directed by Erik White BoA “Artist”


This year will witness the creative expansion of an international star like none other. She’s young. She’s beautiful. She’s talented. And she’s a proven success. Quite frankly, she’s the embodiment of mainstream music – 2.0. As one of Korea and Japan’s biggest pop stars, we’re talking 20 million records sold; BoA’s grand entrance to the United States is not only highly anticipated it is warmly welcomed. With her American debut – the self-titled CD just hitting store shelves and her digitally released, bass pumping, first single “Eat You Up” charting on Billboard, BoA is set to reach out and touch the American music market in a way it has never felt before. Go to for more info.